With a little foresight, an Over the Hill party can be one of the most fun events you’ll ever plan. Start the good times start with an invitation that sets just the right tone. Thanks to Over the Hill.com, we’ve got you covered with 21 ready-to-use examples of colorful and amusing invitations that will get people excited about your party.

All of our Over the Hill party invitations are in a convenient PDF format that you can download and print on any printer. We recommend using a good quality color printer that will take advantage of the artwork we’ve provided. No need to boost the resolution to super-high levels or to use expensive high-gloss paper, which wouldn’t feel natural anyway. Any good 20-lb stock, 8.5 by 11 in., will work just fine. Try a test copy, make any necessary changes, and then print all the copies you need.

To use any of these invitations, take the following steps:

Click on the image of the invitation. (The image only shows the front page of the invitation.) A popup box may ask you whether you want to open the document or save it to your computer. Choose Save.

Open the document in Adobe Reader. Don’t have it on your computer? Dude.

Click File and Print. A dialog box will open with a few choices you need to make. First, choose your printer. Then, under Copies & Pages, make sure you will printing in landscape, not letter, mode. (This should happen automatically.) Now look at your choices in the Page Scaling drop-down field. Choose None (not Fit to Printable Area, or Shrink to Printable Area). This should fill the page with the image and eliminate any margins on your printed copy. (If you use a laser printer, you may be stuck with margins, but this will only matter on artwork that bleeds to the edge of the paper.)

Indicate the number of copies you want and then press Print.

Wait for the printer to finish printing and remove your invitation. If nothing happened, you have printer issues. Is there paper in the printer? Did you wait long enough? (The PDF files sizes aren’t huge but some printers take awhile to process them.) And, we hate to ask, but is it even plugged in? Dude. If your printer is working properly, the file will print, so check all your settings and try again.

Now fold the invitation in half to create a handsome four-page invitation. The illustration and headlines on the front, two blank pages in the middle, and the Over the Hill.com logo on the back. Add your own message inside and your invitations are ready to mail or pass out. (If you are really computer crafty, you are already figuring out how to automate the personal message stage. Just be careful because some printers don’t like to see the same paper twice.)

Want to create personalized invitations with your own images and headlines? Our PDFs cannot be edited but you can start from scratch using almost any document creation software. Even many word processors like MS Word will do the job. Just be sure to keep your image sizes reasonable (most printers will choke on 2 MB graphic files), work in landscape mode, and pay attention to your dimensions and margins. Have fun!

Need to download all the Over the Hill party invitations at once? Click here to download All invites.zip. This compressed file is about 6.1 MB but it contains all 21 individual files. Don’t know how to uncompress a zip file?Dude.

This website is divided into four pages with the most common Over the Hill age groups:

All Ages –Invitations appropriate for anyone because no specific ages are mentioned;

30-40 – For Age 30 and Age 40 Over the Hill parties;

50-60 – For Age 50 and Age 60 Over the Hill parties;

70 & Above – For Age 70, 80, 90 and 100 Over the Hill parties.

You cannot plan an Over the Hill Party without visiting Over the Hill.com. It simply isn’t done. Decorations, ridiculous gifts, party supplies, and more ideas than you could possibly use are waiting for you at Over the Hill.com. And just to make sure you’ve covered all the bases, also spend a few minutes with Over the Hill Party Ideas.com and Over the Hill Cake Ideas.com as well. We’ve done the ground work so you can create the most funnest Over the Hill party ever.

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